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Course Objective :   


  • Creating a class of people of high character and competence

  • Saving teenagers from self-destructive habits.

  • To control over mind and senses.

  • To sustain in life in midst of challenges.

  • To be responsible and respectful citizen.

  • To find out real Goal in life.

  • To understand the science of Karma.

  • To understand the science of Supersoul and to make harmony with him.

  • To understand the activities of material nature how it affect us in our life.

Course Highlights & Instructions :

  • Student must fill the form to register course. Click here for registration.

  • The time period for course will be 9 month.

  • Bhagavad-Gita as it is will be Course book for student, and book will be provided to the student after registration.

  • Online examination will be there, its in MCQ format. Each month there will be exam for two chapters, Each chapter will be have ten questions. Click here for Demo questions.

  • There will be an exam in the first week of every month and by the 7th of every month all answers have to be given.

  • Minimum 50% required to pass the exam.

  • Those student who pass the exam will be given a certificate issued by ISKCON

  • For any Query contact ISKCON JAMNAGAR Mo-9428901896

Organized by International Society for Krishna Consciousness
Address: ISKCON Jamnagar, Jamnagar- Rajkot highway, Jamnagar Website:

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